Diamonds are a girl’s best friend…with perfectly manicured nails! Beautifully groomed hands and nails express one’s individuality. Like a palette of nails colors, self-expression comes in many shades–painted a bold color to accentuate her power and independence; add nail arts expands her creativity; keep it nude embraces her natural beauty. CACHET offers a complete array of services and polishes for every type of woman in all types of mood.

CACHET’s manicures are not only for the ladies. Today’s gentlemen can enjoy nail care, or Man-i-cure, not only because it feels good and looks good but it is healthy and a stress release. A manicure cleans up those cuticles and eliminates unsightly and painful hang nails. Let CACHET treat those hands and allow them looking their very best at all time. Nothing is sexier than a man who takes pride in the way he looks!

Prices may vary by location.